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time flies when you’re busy having babies. our 3 years in paradise has come to an end. sounds pretty insane that we’ve had 2 babies in that time! careful of the water here, straight up. my computer gets packed up tomorrow. and not long after that we close trev’s military career and hug our friends goodbye. happy to be headed back to bellingham, thankful for the love that will welcome us. handing all this change over to God (on the regular, cause i like to take it back) and taking His promise that there’s so much rad life to come. exited to meet new families in washington!

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the miller’s

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i met julie at a photography retreat right before our move to oahu. i remember her telling me she vacationed here yearly and wouldn’t it be super fun if i photographed her family next trip here. it was already an honor for her to even suggest that she’d choose me as her photographer. but when i got her note that they were planning a trip – and that it was just weeks before we moved back to the mainland, it seemed too perfect.

i met up with her and her handsome men midway through their vacation… coming from calgary julie suggested they have a few days to get some sun.;)┬áthe family had just been to waimea bay that day so the boys had great musings of being rocked by giant waves and kicking butt on boogie boards. i’m not gonna hide that i was extra nervous that 1. julie is a fellow photog, always a huge compliment but also added pressure and 2. four boys, some of whom were far from preschool age. crazy jumping and silly songs weren’t going to work on this crowd. but they were very kind to me and warm to my efforts of getting their genuine personalities captured.

julie had looked at past sessions and was looking for soft and pretty. the island has so many stunning views that location is always hard for me. but a couple months back we had hit up the northshore side of kaena point and it stood out to me. with the perfect amount of haze from the water and the sun tucking behind the mountain it is a crazy gorgeous spot.

this mom and dad have every reason to be proud of these young men. and how they’ve managed to keep them all so close is something i aspire too. super rad family, so thankful to meet them. check out julie’s post here!

  • julie - I can’t thank you enough for fitting us into your busy life of moving, baby, toddlers, and life. I can check this off of my bucket list. Can’t wait to meet again someday! xoApril 9, 2014 – 6:21 am

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the daily. the charm

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i don’t even know how this shot happen. but boy am i grateful for it.

  • manda - and boy is he a charmer! love you w!January 15, 2014 – 3:18 pm

  • Michigan Mom - This child is made to be in Pictures! Great job, Jen! Love,how he seems to just know what you may want. Aren’t the surprise shots the best?January 16, 2014 – 4:58 am

  • gandma shore - and the conversation that accompanied this..i know there was oneJanuary 19, 2014 – 7:16 am

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my Christmas gift

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Christmas day was a little rough around here. trev was out for the count in bed, i had a killer headache and micah just wasn’t himself. but the cloud lifted for a bit, and as daddy slept in the next room, Christmas spirit filled these crazies up. ┬ápure joy.

this year trev talked me off the Christmas card ledge and we just used a pic i already had shot. but it’s fun to look back here and here.

  • Michigan Mom - My heart is melting, these are so cool! They sure put on a good show, wonder if Sloane, will be the “hams” her brothers are?December 30, 2013 – 2:32 pm

  • Kara - These are so fun! Sloane literally looks like a doll in the first pic. Love the one of Walker’s legs wrapped around Micah too. Cute kids Jen and Trev!December 30, 2013 – 9:46 pm

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